Enteggre Tech-Based Innovation Startup Accelerator (ENTEGGRE-TISA) program aims to create decent job opportunities for Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens under the age of 35 by increasing their employability through tech-based skills. The program helps university students and graduate students to develop their entrepreneurship skills and start new businesses. At the end of the program, 2 entrepreneur teams will be provided a grant of 100,000 TL each to establish their companies.



ENTEGGRE - TISA Program consists of 4 main stages of activities.

Basic Entrepreneurship Training

100 entrepreneur teams will be selected to have basic Entrepreneurship Training. The team’s business ideas will then be compared and evaluated. The adjudicators will be looking for teams that have good business ideas along with the basic principles of entrepreneurship. 40 teams will then be selected to participate in the Startup Weekend Program.

Startup Weekend

The 40 selected teams will be taken through a 24-hour training camp. The camp will enable the entrepreneurs to increase their creativity and focus on developing their business ideas. The camp is aimed at preparing the teams for the Business Plan Training Program. During the Startup Weekend, teams will be able to:
• Understand Basic Business terminology,
• Creating a Core Value Proposition and Business Model,
• Receive Basic Investor Presentation training..
In addition to these activities the teams will also benefit from mentoring and consultancy support throughout the program. After the Startup Weekend Program, only 25 entrepreneur teams will be selected to proceed to the next stage which is the Business Plan Preparation training.

Business Plan Training

The Business Plan training aims to provide the 25 entrepreneur teams with the advanced skills to develop their businesses. The 25 teams will benefit the following from the Business Plan Training:
• Micro-MBA
• Business Model Verification
• Business Plan development
• How to present and pitch to Investors
During the training, Gaziantep Technopark and TargeT TTO experts will guide and mentor the teams on how to develop their business ideas. In this process, candidates will benefit from all of the Gaziantep Technopark incubation services. After the Business Plan Training, the candidates will present their ideas and the jury which will select 6 entrepreneur teams that exhibit the greatest potential to create livelihoods opportunities for their communities. These teams will then move on to the next stage which is the commercialization program.

Commercialization Program

The commercialization program is aimed at helping the 6 selected teams to mature the product and service technical infrastructures of their business ideas before the commercial investment decision. This stage of the program includes: • Prototyping Service, • Target Market Research, • Feasibility Analysis, • Product Design and Branding, At the end of this program the 6 team’s business ideas will be ready for the final presentation to the investors.



    Turkish and Syrian citizens under the temporary protection that are under 35 years old and living in GAZIANTEP
  • Having a technological and innovative business idea,
  • Any university undergraduate, graduate or PhD student,
  • Graduates from bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees,
  • People who do not have any company partnership (Individual, Limited or Joint Stock Company).

* The maximum team members must not exceed 4 and there must be equal number of female and male in teams.



6 teams will present their ready-to-invest business ideas to a panel of adjudicators. The jury will evaluate the business plan presentations and select the 2 best teams that will be provided with the core capital investment grant of 100,000 TL each. The grant will be transferred to the company accounts of the teams after the company setups and the legal procedures of the companies are completed.



  • Application Deadline :
    15 Sep 2020

  • Basic Entrepreneurship Training :
    19-20 Sep 2020, 26-27 Sep 2020

  • Startup Weekend :
    03-04 Oct 2020

  • Business Plan Training :
    10-11 Oct 2020, 17-18 Oct 2020, 24-25 Oct 2020

  • Commercialization Program :
    31 Oct 2020- 29 Nov 2020

  • Grand Final Presentation :
    5 Dec 2020